The Desire Map – First Chapter Review

I’m keeping this short, as I know we’re all really busy right now, and I haven’t even finished reading yes, BUT…

Wow, I’m super hyped.  I just started reading Danielle LaPorte’s new book, The Desire Map.  All I can say is, this woman is the fire!

I’m only on the first chapter, which was a free sample, but I just ordered it today on Amazon, and it will be here by January 1.  Can’t wait.

I’ve included the link to it (yes, it’s my affiliate link) below.  Just click on the book image to go to Amazon.

When we make feeling good a priority, everything changes—our individual lives change, and social systems change. How we make and spend money changes. How we teach and learn changes. How we love changes.
– Danielle LaPorte

All pretty profound, and turning our A-list on its ear.  Stay tuned for the full review next month.

But hey, don’t wait for me; check it out yourself.

Isochronic Tones

Why Use Isochronic Tones?

 The most simple explanation for an isochronic tone is that it is a tone that is being switched on and off rapidly.  This produces sharp, unique pulses of sound in which the volume or intensity goes from almost 0 to 100, and back again, in an evenly spaced manner.  The brain is left with a stronger impression of these sounds using these wave-like pulses. 

Isochronic tones are a single tone, not two separate ones, created by software.  Research has shown many beneficial outcomes for using these tones as a stimulus under certain circumstances. 

Here’s a few reasons you may want to use isochronic tones:

  • Increased Focus and Cognition  Research shows that brainwave stimulation can be an effective tool to help increase cognition, especially in those with Attention Deficit Disorder, and increase focus so people are able to learn more effectively.
  • Reduce Stress  These tones help people ease into a meditative state that helps induce relaxation and it has been medically proven that mediation helps to reduce stress, which can lead to reductions in high blood pressure and heart disease.
  • Emotional Support  Brain entrainment has been developed to help alter brainwave patterns that have been shown to be associated with negative moods and highly emotional mental states.  These tones help the listener enter a more relaxed theta brain wave state, which has been shown to have healing properties.
  • ŸStudy Aide Helping to increase the theta brain wave frequencies can boost the ability of the listener to not only improve their learning ability, but to retain more of what they’ve learned. 
  • Ÿ  Energy  Those who have used isochronic tones as a stimulus have found themselves with more energy and motivation after using the program than before they started using it. 

How to Retrain Your Brain 

Entering a meditative state helps many people relax and open up their mind to learning; plus enhances mental and physical healing.  To increase their ability to learn, people who are familiar with how the mind works try to increase their theta brain wave activities through many different methods, including mediation and engaging in brainwave entrainment.  

Brainwave entrainment allows people to more easily access their state of awareness and consciousness through computer software programs that allow the mind to relax and enter a meditative state.  It can be an easy process involving listening to a tone, the stimulus, which naturally shifts your brain waves to the same frequency as the acoustic tone which is playing.  These tones are known as an isochronic tones.



How to Get the Best Results

The tones allow you to shift into a meditative state that helps increase the production of your theta brain waves.  The theta waves are more dominant when you are in your most relaxed state whether awake in mediation, playing video games or using brain entrainment methods, such as listening to isochronic tones.  Being in the theta state allows the mind to tap into its subconscious abilities such as learning quicker and retaining more of what you learn, being more creative, having a better ability to solve problems and to open yourself up to spiritual connections.

To get the best results from using isochronic tones as brain entrainment, you need to use it consistently.  With most new skills or training, it takes a while to adjust to it and it is better if you keep practicing rather than try it out a couple of times and give up on it.  You are short-changing yourself by rushing to judgment about it and not giving it a real try.

You need to pay attention to your surroundings when attempting to use brain entrainment program to listen to tones.  You should be some place quiet and comfortable, which allows you to relax, and although they are not required, using headphones will help to keep the distractions to a minimum.  Also, try not to use the program just after eating as your body’s digestion process can interfere with your ability to effectively mediate.

Definitely go for the best quality recording that you can when you start your program.  You want to be able to relax and mediate and that can be difficult to do when you are straining to hear the tone.  It will be different at first because it is a singular tone pulse that you are listening to, but if you try to turn off your mind and just listen, you will find yourself automatically entering a meditative statement.

How Long Does it Take Before it Works?

Some people will experience results right away when they start using isochronic tones, but for others it may take some time for it to work for them.  Consistency is the key.  With any training, don’t expect results over night, but with time you will experience results.

The more you practice something, the better you get at that skill or game.  The brain works in much the same way, the more you try something the more your neuron pathways strengthen and become permanent. brain neurons Neuroplasticity is the ability brains have to rewire themselves after being exposed to an activity on a consistent basis, such as listening to isochronic tones in order to induce mediation. 

Use brain entrainment’s  isochronic tones to increase your brain’s ability to learn and retain more of what it learns, to get better sleep or tap into the power of your subconscious mind.

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