Woo-Woo Things


February 29, 2024

Ruled by: Jupiter

Thor’s Day

Spirituality, charity, connection to higher powers. Abundance, unification of spiritual and material. Obtaining and transferring. The focus is on expansion, abundance, prosperity, business, and legal matters.

Spells: abundance, money, luck, career, leadership, legal & contracts

Magickal influence: expansion, money, prosperity, generosity

Celtic Tree: Ash

Feb 28 – Mar 11

free thinkers, naturally artistic and crave solitude


Feb 19 – Mar 20

Ostara 🐇🌷

Coming up: Mar 20

Happy Spring Equinox! Today is a day of balance. On this day, light overtakes the dark. There is a rebirth of life. Now is the time to contemplate new beginnings and fresh ideas. Focus on rebirth and planting, not just in our yard and gardens, but in our daily lives, our dreams, and our goals.…
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03 Mar 2024 3:23pm
🌗 Third Quarter

10 Mar 2024 9:00am
🌑 New Moon in Pisces

17 Mar 2024 4:10am
🌓 First Quarter

25 Mar 2024 7:00am
🌕 Storm Moon in Libra